Get paid faster because it's done in seconds

Easily send payment requests to customers to collect outstanding amounts. Receive money on your own account, quickly, while customers have a pleasant payment experience in which your brand is in the spotlight. You can make a payment at any time from any device, regardless of the location or time. With Bluem you send payment requests that can be paid with the touch of a button. This thanks to our unique 1-touch principle. Customers do not have to tap anything, because this leads to postponement and errors. With the solution of Bluem you realize more and faster payments. Also transform your invoice or reminder into a modern payment request. We are happy to help you. Payment requests can be used widely. For example for invoices, reminders, collection post-successors or for online orders. A payment request comes in various tastes: e-mail, SMS, Whatsapp message and paper note with payment QR code. The latter form offers you the option to offer 'paper' customers online payment convenience.