Better direct debits

The cheapest payment method for recurring invoices? Do you want assurance that customers pay on time? Direct debit is the solution. Especially in combination with emandates. Have your customer submit an authorization online with 1-click. After all a paper direct debit authorization is expensive, time-consuming and no longer of this time. EMandates empower (business) customers easily and quickly via the bank. Fully legally valid. Increase the grip on your cashflow with better direct debits.

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Direct debit mandates via the bank

A valid direct debit mandate? An 'internet check' or '1-cent iDEAL payment' are not valid. Only in the banking environment an authorization can be generated digitally. Emandates is as easy as iDEAL. 1). You select your own bank; the mandate form is already pre-filled at the bank; 2) With 1-click it is confirmed; the bank registers the direct debit authorization; And 3) the customer returns to the website; your company automatically receives the emandate. It's that simple. Say goodbye to paper mandates, failed direct debits and fraud.


Direct debit is the easiest way of paying. Customers therefore choose direct debit. With emandates, empowerment is also simple.

Legally valid

For your company, direct debit is the best form of payment. Especially together with emandates. This is a SEPA mandate through the bank. It can only be established digitally via the bank.


Paper direct debit permissions are filled in manually. There is no certainty that the data is correct or readable. With emandates, the IBAN and name are always 100% correct.

Working capital

More control over your cashflow. Lower your outstanding debtor balance. Thanks to direct debit, you can immediately collect after authorization of the emandate. Working capital improvement pays off.


Using emandates saves you time, costs and archive space. No more paper.

Risk reduction

For CORE direct debit, the complaint time goes back from 13 months to 56 days and for business direct debit it goes back to 0 days.

Leave existing mandates in peace; focus on new ones

Our advice is to leave existing direct debit authorizations in peace and to use emandates for new authorizations. So for new customers or for direct debit customers whose account number changes. With direct debit, you simply send an authorization request. The customer confirms the 1-click authorization in their own banking environment and you receive the digital authorization in realtime. Efficient, fast and easy. You will find every emandate in your Dashboard. This offers insight.

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Also for small organizations

Emandates is for companies of all sizes. You start immediately without having to make an investment. You only pay € 0.299 per mandate link. We do not bill annual archive costs per mandate. A mandate request can easily be sent via the Dashboard. For large volumes, the upload or API offers a solution. This is an automated process.

Let your business grow even faster with the certainty of direct debit. The emandate solution from Bluem provides everything for obtaining and managing direct debit authorizations.

Incassomachtigen Mandate

only € 0.299 per mandate link*
*excl. volume discount

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