Did you make use of viamijnbank? Have you digitally issued a direct debit mandate, logged in with iDIN or paid with iDEAL? Or did you pay via one of our other payment methods to one of your suppliers via our viamijnbank platform? That is very well possible. Many companies use our viamijnbank platform.

Bluem BV is a recognized payment specialist that provides transactions with banks for third parties. We make it easy for organizations to link modern payment methods to their website or invoice. For example, you may periodically receive an invoice from your insurer, telephone provider, housing corporation or association with a payment link. In this example, our viamijnbank platform ensures that you safely and easily pay your supplier using your smartphone. Similarly, we make digital direct debit or online identification via iDIN easy as a provider.

Bluem's viamijnbank platform is actually a smart technical connector between the IT system of your supplier and the bank. You as a customer always pay directly to your supplier! You can also see this in the iDEAL payment screen and on your bank statement. The same goes for emandates and online identification via your bank.

Built on trust. Privacy and security is the norm in everything we do. From data to a secured connection (SSL) to the viamijnbank transaction page. Learn more about our viamijnbank services, read more on the website.

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