Identity assurance

with onboarding, logging in, signing and more

Digital services provide a growing need for certainty about the identity of online customers. Who do we do business with? iDIN is a service of the banks with which consumers can safely and quickly share their personal data with your company online. Think of name, birthdate, gender, e-mail and telephone number. iDIN protects against online fraud, offers assurances and creates opportunities for new services. For example, sign a contract with identity verification.

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iDIN features for doing business online

With iDIN, organizations can offer their customers - citizens, patients or tenants - good service that increases ease of use without compromising security and privacy. There are many features. iDIN is already used for identifying, logging in, confirming digital (document) signs or age. For example, a private individual wants:

To become an online customer and must identify himself. Know who you are doing business with.

To create an account with your company and use iDIN to identify himself.

Safe login for the website portal. Separate user name and password is not required.

To digital signs for adjustment of mortgage, policy or loan contract (legal proof).

To digitally sign for the online activation of a service.

To digitally sign for the online modification of a subscription.

To digitally sign for setting up direct debit.

To sign a digital contract. Sign in a valid way with iDIN.

To buy alcohol or lottery tickets online and prove that he / she is 18+ (age check).

To duy football tickets or event tickets online (full identification).

"iDIN as legal identity document, no hassle with copy of passport!"

How does iDIN identification work?

iDIN is similar to the way iDEAL is used. The customer selects his bank and sees in the banking environment which personal details are requested by your company. After approval, the user returns to the website portal and your company receives the data. iDIN means an efficiency boost in online identification with an eye for ease of use, ROI and stricter security and privacy requirements from supervisors. For example, let the signer identify himself online when accepting your contract or terms and conditions with iDIN.

Privacy by design

iDIN offers organizations that need certainty about their identity, age or agreement an easy way to obtain them without unnecessarily violating their privacy. A telecom company is still requesting a copy of a passport containing all kinds of data that it does not need. With iDIN an organization only asks for the personal data that it needs for the control or administration. This fits in seamlessly with the GDPR guideline - privacy by design.

Try iDIN for free

Services are available online. Customers can increasingly arrange things for themselves. It is therefore important to recognize the customer online. Integrate iDIN into your own platform with our API. Contact us to have your iDIN account activated and receive live data.

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iDIN viamijnbank: robust, safe and low-priced


1st Digital Identity Service Provider at multiple banks. Maximum range:> 14 ml. consumers.


Complies with EU legislation, Wwft compliant, GDPR approved and eIDAS substantially.


Fast online identification, authentication, age confirmation and digital signing.


Support omnichannel. Directly from the website or as a request by e-mail, SMS or QR code.

Your own look and feel

Beautiful iDIN page in your own style; we will also design your identification or signing request in your look.

Mobile first

100% responsive iDIN flow, also for mobile. Conversion enhancing design.


All iDIN checks in one overview. With 1-click a resent if eID check or contract signing is not completed.

API & plugins

Start immediately. You unlock iDIN via a robust API, plugin or use our Dashboard.

Cost efficient

Quick and seamless integration into your website or system via API; take advantage of our competitive rates.

"The consumer union has tried iDIN with the tax authorities and finds that it is safe and easy, intuitive and fast."
"PSV, Vitesse, FC Utrecht, AZ, Heracles, Roda JC
Online ticket sales for professional football with iDIN identification via DISP Bluem"
Video iDIN in professional football

Digital signing; correct evidential value

It is time for the digital signature. iDIN as a verification method for digital signing. Have the signer identify himself when accepting your contract or conditions with iDIN. It is easy, low-priced and valid. Signed with identity verification within 1 minute. The signature meets the legal requirements, in accordance with eIDAS and article 3: 15a NL Civil Code. With our iDIN digital signing service you collect the correct evidential value.

Legal value of digital signing

Assured business thanks to iDIN

Whether it concerns logging in, validating personal data, digitally signing or performing an age check with iDIN, it is safe and fast. With iDIN, such a process can be automated and therefore be much more efficient. Moreover, your system is no longer polluted with incomplete or incorrect data. You have reliable customer data with iDIN. Agreements and general terms and conditions can now also be legally binding when digitally signed with iDIN. Count your winnings!

iDIN   iDIN   iDIN   iDIN

only € 0.099 per safe login*
*excl. volume discount

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