Do IBAN and name belong together?

Banks warn in the bank environment if IBAN and name do not match. Bluem now also provides the IBAN name check for companies. With IBAN verification you can be sure that an IBAN is in use and in whose name it registered. An instant check via our API at the bank, without the customer being required. For example, you can easily detect typos for data entry and prevent IBAN fraud, failed collections, database contamination and payment errors. IBAN-name check is a SurePay product in co-operation with Dutch banks.


only € 0.30 per check*
*excl. volume discount

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Be more assured

De IBAN-naam check biedt zekerheid. Het is via de API te koppelen aan elk proces of systeem (front-/backend). Ook kan je simpel een IBAN-controle uitvoeren vanuit ons Dashboard. De check geeft direct uitsluitsel. Denk aan vragen zoals:

Is the name and the IBAN account number that the customer keyed while onboarding correct?

We will provide a loan or make a payment. How reliable are the bank details?

Do IBAN and name that the customer issues for direct debit belong together?

Are the bank details provided for restitution the same as the IBAN name details known to the bank?

Instant answer

How does IBAN-name check work? We check your input realtime with the database of all Dutch banks. The customer is not needed for this. Bluem's payment hub is the 1st pay platform that can carry out these instant checks for organizations. There are 3 basic return notifications:


IBAN and name belong together


There is a typo in the name, eg Jansen instead of Janse, you will receive the exact name known to the bank. You can take over the proposed name in the administration.

Error message

If it turns out that name known to the banks is completely different, pay attention. It is possible that there is fraud here. You will be notified that a different name is known for this IBAN.

You will also receive a notification if the IBAN account number is active and for a business account, you will also receive the location. Your company can move on with the answer. At least with a positive feedback. If you receive an error message, please contact the customer and check the payment details in a different way.

Instant check on all Dutch account numbers

Which account numbers can be checked? All Dutch account numbers. Bluem can check all IBAN-name combinations in your customer and supplier database as long as they are Dutch IBANs. These can be savings and payment accounts. Business and private accounts. French, UK, and Italian IBANs can also check Bluem in real time. Work is continuing on expanding the country coverage.

Simple API; costs vs. returns

Be more assured. Make the IBAN name check part of your business process. It is super easy to build in any system. For example in customer acceptance, the website portal where customers change their IBAN themselves or as an extra (optional) step in a payout process. It helps you prevent IBAN fraud, database contamination and payment errors. Expensive? No other supplier is more complete or cheaper, only € 0.30 per check! Take advantage today. Contact us to have your IBAN-name check account activated.


only € 0.30 per check*
*excl. volume discount

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