Smart checkout

Best checkout

Checkouts are available in all shapes and sizes. What they have in common is that you can complete a transaction with them. But even though some are clearer than the others. Relevance of the text, readability, use of color and utility of images, all factors with an effect on the conversion. A good checkout makes clear what it is about and what is expected, in the blink of an eye. Bluem distinguishes itself with ease of use and an ultimate brand experience.

You in the spotlight

Other providers are prominent with their brand. Bluem is not. We are invisible to customers. In each part of the process, users only see your brand. From e-mail to the checkout. Everything is in your look and feel. For example, there can be no confusion about the transaction of the origin of the mail. This is clear, increases confidence and increases conversion.

1-touch principle

Our user-friendly user interface also contributes to this. The 1-touch principle literally leads customers to their bank with 1 click. Without pop-ups or drop boxes. The less the end user had to do the better the conversion. We apply a conversion enhancing design.

Brand experience

In addition to our clarity and simplicity, your transaction page is also just beautiful. On PC and mobile. Really something to be proud of. We add your logo and background image in a special way. From website or e-mail to the checkout you only see your brand. We strengthen your brand experience.


Online & offline

Easy payments, direct debit, identification or signing directly from your website or from the request by e-mail, SMS, whatsapp or QR code. Bluem offers omnichannel support. In doing so, we ensure that the flow is responsive: optimal for every device.
  • Online Online
  • Email Email
  • Whatsapp WhatsApp
  • QR QR code
  • Link Link

Mail yourself?

Would you prefer to mail yourself? No problem. We provide you with a transaction link and you place it in an e-mail, on your website or as a QR code on the paper invoice. You retain full control over your customer communication. We arrange the checkout.


Act real time

The Dashboard gives you access to all payments, mandates, signed contracts, iDIN checks and IBAN-name checks. What has been sent? What has been paid? Which mandate requests are still open? Which contracts have already been signed? What is the conversion? And how fast? A handy administration with statistics, exports and extra functions. Use the Dashboard to look up specific transactions or export the payment status. Analyze what the conversion is for a specific period or which requests are still open. Everything is possible. You can also act immediately. For example, by resending an outstanding request or creating an entirely new one via a web form or upload. In short: more insight, control and options.

Security & privacy

Guaranteed at bank level

Everything is focused on privacy, safety, reliability and speed. Our viamijnbank platform has been integrating with banking systems for more than 10 years. We impose high safety requirements. We are also accredited by the Dutch Payments Association (Currence BV) for the payment, direct debit and identification services. Trust is the norm in everything we do. From data to employees. Many organizations trust Bluem with their sensitive data. That is why we guarantee that all data is on European servers in high security areas that are certified ISAE3000, ISAE3402, PCI DSS and ISO 27001. This offers your company data protection and 24/7 availability. Concerning the GDPR, we work with a processor agreement.
  • Online Dag en nacht bewaakt
  • Email ISAE & ISO gecertificeerd
  • SMS Backbone connected
  • Whatsapp A-klasse data centers
  • QR Duurzame energie

More features

For all platforms

We ensure that your requests are properly displayed regardless of device. Our checkout works, allowing you to make the highest conversion.

Bluem API

It is easy for developers to work with Bluem's data via our API. Connecting is easy. It does not require complicated techniques.

Accounting and smart reporting

Need for always and everywhere overview? View the online Dashboard. Need specific alerts? We set it up.

Service without costs

Service is standard. We will help you quickly with your question.
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