Legally valid digital signing

Our mission is to achieve digitalisation. Drive efficiency while providing customers and employees a modern document signing experience. Sign a contract within 1 minute with identity verification via iDIN or SMS. The signature meets the legal requirements in accordance with eIDAS and Article 3: 15a Dutch Civil Code. Scrive ( is our international partner for digital signing. Scrive is a premium eSigning solution. Click, identify and sign.

Rechtsgeldig digitaal ondertekenen only € 0.99 per document* *excl. volume discount Request proposal

Document signing in the cloud

Our signing process is simple. Bluem’s user-friendly and feature-rich signing service for small and large companies is intuitive. The signatory knows exactly what to do. 1-2-3 and ready. Manage all your important documents in one safe place.
1. Document en bijlagen uploaden

1. Upload document and attachments

You select the PDF, you add the parties that must sign the document and you place the fields in the document. This can be a text field, signature box, checkbox or radio button. You optionally add an authentication method. You also define the document name, select the language and determine the signing deadline. Do we have to remember automatically? You also determine what the text should be for your invitation and confirmation message. All this can also be done fully automatically via our API.
2. Start met ondertekenen

2. Start signing

Start signing process. You send the contract for signing via email or SMS. The signee will receive an invitation message on the mobile or PC in your style and click on the link to view your document. The receiver can start right away. An intuitive arrow leads people through the document quickly. The recipient may be asked to enter specific data or to explicitly agree to conditions or to attach a document. If an authentication method is linked, one is also directed to the bank for iDIN verification. After being signed by all parties, you will receive a confirmation with the signed document.
3. Getekend contract met bewijsschrift

3. Signed contract with proof

We record the process step by step on a verification transaction receipt. The digital signature (electronic seal) assures the originality of the document including the protected attachments. The validity of the signature can be proven mathematically and independently of the parties. With this, everyone has all the needed legal proof of the transaction.

The correct level of signing?

Whether it is an HR, GDPR or sales contract, avoid the expensive print-scan-post scenario. Delight your customers and employees with a premium signing experience. Working digitally requires a valid digital signature. Some solutions don't take it that closely. With our signing service you do collect the correct evidence to match the nature of the agreement. Not every document requires the highest level of certainty. A good solution is safe, reliable, workable and legally valid. For example, the law prescribes that an employment contract can only be legally signed by the employer with a qualified digital signature. The highest level in electronic signing, while this level is not required for many service contracts. One-size-fits-all does not work. With us you choose the right level of assurance for your case. A feature-rich and flexible signing service.
Eenvoudig Easy
Feature-rich Feature-rich
Flexibel Flexible
Rechtsgeldig Legally valid

Software suppliers: integrate signing into your software?

Also possible. As a signing service provider we support business software and cloud platforms with the expansion of their application with a valid digital signing service via our signing API. Digital signing is a hot item and is on everyone's agenda. Also because of eIDAS. The government and regulators now enforce more strictly the legal validity of the digital signature. Rely also on our signing service. Parties choose not to create a signing service themselves because of the legal complexity and certification requirements. These IT companies can now offer a signing service within their own system. Contact us for the possibilities.

Try digitally document signing for free

Doing business digitally. Our digital signing meets the requirements. Experience for yourself that digital signing is safe and works easily, intuitively and quickly. Integrate digital signing in your own process. Call for a trial account. As a signing specialist, we help your company with setting up the signing process with the right evidence.
Rechtsgeldig digitaal ondertekenen only € 0.99 per document* *excl. volume discount Request proposal