Modern and Customer friendly ID-Scan

Automate your ID-Scanning process. Our premium ID-Scan solution verifies user identities and documents in no-time for quick customer account opening online. is our international partner for ID-Scanning and plug & play onboarding. Avoid conversion churn and reduce costs. Top-notch brands like RyanAir, Betcity and Admirals count on it. Try it now.

ID-Scan ID-Scan

starting € 0.99 per verification*
*excl. volume discount; automatic flow

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Real-time ID scanning solution ensures global reach and high conversion

Easily onboard customers worldwide with ID-Scanning.

Support 13 000+ ID Documents from 190+ countries

Advanced OCR for precise data capture and extraction

Reading of MRZ and NFC chip

Support 80+ languages, Latin & Cyrillic fonts and symbols

Included add-ons: Face Matching, Liveness Detection, AML screening, Proof of address

Face Matching Service

Make sure the customer’s selfie is matching with the customer’s photo in the uploaded ID document.

State-of-the-art Biometric detection technology powered by AI

Instant result based on the biometrics

Liveness check

Ensure that the customer is the same livе person as indicated in the ID document being verified. For that, the customer has to perform several actions on camera.

User is asked to smile, look up, down, right, and left; As a result, the system is 100% sure it is recording a person, not a picture

Results are recorded and can be imported for further usage

Easily integrate the ID-Scan solution into your onboarding flow

The ID-Scan software is easily integrated via front-end JS, SDK or API. ID-Scan service runs on your site and is brand-adapted. You can set up a preferred ID-Scan flow and customize the design of a user journey.

Mobile SDK: Highly-customisable iOS and Android SDKs built on native tech stack.

Web SDK: Ready-made solution for ID-Scanning with fast set-up and easy configuration.

API: Integrate our ID-Scan into your platform, collect data you need and get results via webhook.

Total solution: Buy a pre-packaged onboarding flow

We can also offer a complete, high converting, onboarding flow from A to Z, that covers all needed KYC & compliance requirements for account sign-up in your market. For example, the ‘total solution for a seamless onboarding experience’ may include ID-Scanning, iDIN, IBAN-Name check, CRUKS, PEP, Sanction list check and email/sms verification.

Increase operational efficiency ID-Scan platform enables you to automate the ID-Scanning process and reduce your compliance team’s workload.

Maximize conversions - only 60 seconds to verify a customer

95% pass rate on the 1st try

Dashboard for better insights and control

The Admin portal’s intuitive UI is easy to use and allows KYC & compliance teams to effectively monitor the service, or make an intelligent analysis. More details? Contact us or check:

ID-Scan ID-Scan


starting € 0.99 per verification*
*excl. volume discount; automatic flow

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