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Access for player Y/N?

CRUKS is short for “Centraal Register Uitsluiting Kansspelen”. It’s an exclusion database. The gaming authority (in)voluntarily registers problematic players. CRUKS is a part of the new gambling law KOA. Bluem provides the CRUKS check for casinos. CRUKS is an instant check and it tells the operator to allow someone to play or not. Profit from the Dutch iGaming market opening and get the upper hand with our iDIN, IBAN, CRUKS and Pay solution.


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A player gets into CRUKS?

Everybody can get registered voluntarily in CRUKS. Casino’s and operators are obliged to monitor the gaming behavior of players. If they suspect a gambling addiction, they must report this to the gaming authority KSA. KSA will decide if they add the player to CRUKS or not. CRUKS prevents players with serious gambling issues to bet at (online) casinos. A registered person will get guidance to get rid of the gambling addiction. The ultimate responsibility lies with the player. Registration is for maximal 6 months.

CRUKS as entry control

A license holder has to maintain a closed-door policy. This means that an online casino has to establish the identity of a player in a reliable manner, after this they have to do the CRUKS check every time a player logs in. Only after this check (when the outcome is negative) the player is allowed to gamble. The same rule applies to offline casinos, the identity and IBAN of every visitor must be checked, as well as the CRUKS register. If a casino does give entry to a player that is registered in CRUKS, then there is a chance that they will lose the license and get a fine.

Active prevention policy is mandatory

Besides the iDIN, IBAN-Name and CRUKS check, an active prevention policy is obliged by KOA for license holders. This prevention policy must be applied and verifiable. For example, players need a profile, in this profile it must be visible how many deposits the player makes, what his/her deposit limit is or amount each day. When a player is showing risky behavior, the player needs to be contacted.

Identity, IBAN and CRUKS check


When we take a gamble, CRUKS and AML rules are at play. As a player, you must truthfully enter your personal data (first name, last name, date of birth, address, BSN), after which the data need to be checked. iDIN is a reliable, efficient and customer-friendly way to verify personal data. In order to combat money laundering and fraud, it is also necessary to check whether deposits/withdrawals from/to a player are made via an account number that is actually in his/her name. The direct IBAN-Name check on the bank database is a smart solution for this. The player doesn’t have to do anything, and the operator still receives an instant answer from the bank whether the given IBAN actually belongs to the player. Finally, the CRUKS check has to be done. There are three CRUKS checks: initial BSN CRUKS check; initial Foreign CRUKS check and follow-up CRUKS check. CRUKS retour message: registered/not registered. If you want to know more about KOA, the license application or our iDIN-IBAN-CRUKS package, please contact Bluem.

Create extra convenience with the PiM App

PiM is the Personal Identity Manager for customers. The PiM app makes identification online and offline easier. PiM app uses the Scan, Check & Go principle. The player puts the PiM app on the mobile once and can from now on scan a PiM QR at the casino to identify / log in, to do a CRUKS check, or to gain physical access to the VIP lounge, for example. In short, countless applications.

In PiM app we cleverly combine the mandatory iDIN, IBAN name and CRUKS check. One scan provides the casino with all the mandatory information required under the Remote Gaming Act (KOA).

It can work for an online casino like this

Rieko wants to place a bet online; There are # login methods on the site

PiM is the chosen login; The PiM QR code can be scanned directly

Rieko scans the PiM QR code with his phone camera

The PiM app opens direct, and Rieko logs in via facial recognition

Rieko confirms in the PiM app the login to the online casino

PiM verifies the identity of Rieko via iDIN including CRUKS check

Rieko has been verified as a visitor and is securely logged in

It can work for an offline casino / arcade like this

Rieko is welcomed by the Happy Casino host

Rieko signs in with Face ID by PiM

PiM checks if Rieko would like to apply to the Casino

PiM verifies Riekos identity through iDIN and checks for CRUKS

Rieko is allowed to enter and scans gate to open.

Rieko scans the slot machine to play

Rieko has VIP access to the lounge

Bluem supplies iDIN, IBAN-Name and the CRUKS check. The PiM app combines these checks with one scan. Customer service to the next level. We like to think along with operators about possibilities to optimize the customer experience online and offline within the legal frameworks. PiM works: Scan, Check & Go

Gambling operators choose Bluem

We serve many operators and casinos with our efficient iDIN, IBAN or CRUKS check. As a result, they meet the legal requirements. Powered by Bluem.

Gambling operators choose Bluem


only €0,025 per CRUKSCode check*
*excl. volume discount

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